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At NAM Associates, we employ some of the best Auditors in Dubai. Our staff has the experience and training to ensure that your company is properly audited. As one of the top audit firms in Dubai, we can help you to ensure that not only are you meeting the standards of all governing laws, but that you are also meeting the demands of the shareholders and customers you serve.
“When it comes to keeping our accounting in order, we rely on Nam Associates. With their comprehensive range of advisory & accounting services, the attention & personalized service to clients, we can completely focus on our business of generating leads & revenue for our clients! We’re immensely thankful for having Nam Associates handle that vital part of our operations!”.

Heeru Jaukani, partner FSS Global LLC

“It is at pleasure to recommend Nam Associates. Since 2009, Nam Associates has acted as our local nominee partner in the United Arab Emirates. I highly recommend Nam Associates for their professional and enthusiastic approach to business in the UAE”.

Raju Tekwani Sunpride Trading Company LLC

This begins with our internal audit services. We work closely to review information and look for any fraud that may be taking place. If we notice problems, we will alert you at once. As one of the responsible auditing companies in UAE, we know all the regulatory bodies, and working within their requirements and their requirements of your clients, we can prepare documentation that is required for all internal audits. We can even design and implement solutions for you to have a checks and balance system in place.

When you work with us, our goal is to ensure that there is some added value to the audit, and we respect the needs of your shareholders and others who have a vested interest in the company.

Knowing that you will be audited externally at some point, it pays to be proactive. Take advantage of an efficient audit firm in Dubai that has the experience to catch problems early on, so they don’t become nightmares for you later on.  

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